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Bobby Morganstein

Bobby Morganstein has been working hard to make all of your events special…whether it’s a hip Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a Super Sweet Sixteen, a posh wedding or an over-the-top corporate celebration. Bobby continues to be ahead of the curve, offering our clientele cutting edge technology and entertainment innovations that have made Bobby a vanguard in the industry. Bobby can adapt his MCs, DJs, dance and entertainment services to any theme or assortment of guests.

Bobby can accommodate all parties at all price levels. Party throwers can also pick an accent that best fits the theme of their party from one of Morganstein’s other companies such as Hour Entertainment, which develops personal novelties and amusement activities for a memorable evenings; or Enlight, responsible for brilliant design, dazzling lighting and stunning audio visual effects.

If you haven’t checked it out already, the limelight is now shining brighter than ever on the newly revamped, redesigned Beat Street facility in Huntingdon Valley. In addition, Beat Street Station, Morganstein’s other facility (located at the historic Manayunk train station) just received a “Best of Main Line” award for kid parties. Morganstein is proud of the success that both Beat Streets have had over the years, as they have been the hot spot for the coolest Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations in the area.

The new décor of Huntingdon Valley’s Beat Street is definitely a sight to behold. The two-story building now showcases various modern and pop-art creations, including Andy Warhol replicas and original craftsmanship by locally celebrated artists, including Bruce Reinfield and Stango. The space also features whimsical, abstract metal art sculptures. Each room maintains its own unique theme - from a New York dance club mock-up with hanging cages and a“faux bar” area for kids to snack, to a neon game room featuring nostalgic video games and an authentic Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine. In 2006, the Back Steps room at Beat Street was renovated to reflect an old world style, featuring many antique metallic tones complete with vintage chandeliers.

Not only will Bobby, Hour Entertainment and Enlight travel anywhere to provide entertainment, but it will also allow you to utilize either all or some of the different services offered. You can hire any one, two or all three companies; it’s up to you. Bobby and his entertainment is the preferred vendor at both Beatstreet facilities. If so desired, you can book the Beatstreet party rooms with all of its audio, visual and lighting equipment while exclusively hiring an independent DJ company of your choice. These great options are perfect for those who want to put the F-U-N back in their functions.

Like clockwork, Morganstein never ceases to deliver; making sure that his end of the deal is always kept. The first thing he wants you to say when walking into a room is “wow.” This sets the tone for a fabulous time, and nobody knows how to get people pumped better than Morganstein himself.

A little brotherly love from sibling Fred Morganstein and partner-chef Nick Tellie continues to help kick off all the major events at the Beatstreet facilities by providing mouth-watering eats created by their own catering business, Infinity Caterers Inc. Infinity is the exclusive caterer at both Beatstreets and has its commissary at the Manayunk location. Infinity has become one of top off premise caterers in the Philly area!!

Since presentation is essential, one of the owners is always available for your special event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Morganstein’s keen business sense and knack for entertaining has been the true testimonial to his company’s success. In the near future, Morganstein hopes to further regionally expand all of his fun-filled services. Trusting our instincts and setting the tone for the industry has made Bobby Morganstein Productions the premiere entertainment company in the region – and there is more to come!

Bobby and Crew In Action



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Check out our party options from our affiliated companies: games, food, novelty, photos, interactive, LED dance floors, lighting, and lounge furniture!

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MC/DJ Referral Service

Bobby Morganstein has over 30 years of experience with events and knows exactly how to make each event special and perfect. He has a close-knit of other MCs and DJs that he manages and has a keen eye for matching certain staff members with certain clients. Bobby will work with you to find out your exact needs for the event and will use his expertise to recommend his preferred vendor. Bobby manages, trains, and markets these DJ companies and they continue to grow.

DJ Hall of Fame

Bobby Morganstein won the International DJ Expo "DJ of the Year" Competition (1999) and was inducted in the American DJ Hall of Fame (2006).

I started out in 1981 working for a company called Fascinating Rhythm. Five years later I went solo as Bobby Morganstein, DJ Entertainer. In 1991 I expanded the company by adding three other DJs and we went by the name, Frontline Productions.

In 1992 I made my last company name change and incorporated as BMP Productions. I added more DJs, MCs and Party Dancers to the mix in our Huntingdon Valley, PA location. We used staging, backdrops, costumes, props and elaborate dance floor lighting to take Mitzvah entertainment to a whole new level in the area.

I am only one person, so it has been critical to surround myself with an excellent and dedicated staff to expand. Without them I would not have been able to grow. I am proud of the fact that most of my employees have stayed with me for over ten years. I have always told them that one-third of the work happens before you ever get to the party, so make sure phone calls are returned quickly, that your client feels comfortable throughout the planning process, follow-up after the event and stay in touch afterward.

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I have always cared about doing the very best for my clients and therefore feel I have earned having a flawless reputation in my marketplace. I listen to what people want and offer suggestions if I think what they are asking for may not work. Ultimately though, the client has the last say and is always right. This philosophy has enabled me to build a reputation in which I have to spend very little on advertising and have primarily referral-based operations.

All of my businesses are in a constant state of evolution. We continue to expand and make adjustments according to new changes in peoples' tastes. BMP stays adaptable and strives to be ahead of the curve, offering our clients cutting-edge technology and entertainment innovations.


My Friends,

I am truly overwhelmed by the success of my event this weekend. I wanted you all to know that from the beginning, right to the end, working with ALL of you has been a sheer pleasure. From Erika's unbelievable organization and sweet manner that just puts you at total ease....to the way Bobby made Jack feel so important and loved.....to Fred's warm and accepting flexibility. I have always wondered why anyone would ever have an event anywhere but Beat Street. Mind boggling!

I am planning on writing a piece/editorial of sorts on your amazing venue and expertise. I will notify you upon publication.

Thank you again to all of you! I have never received such royal treatment. Our unique family make-up can overwhelm people, but you made everyone feel a part of it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much appreciation,

Alysa and Greg Beer (Pepperman)

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