Poems for Adult Friends

You guys are our best family friends,
I hope our good times never end,
Memories of Fluffy and our pets are so funny,
You two have had such a good impact on our family,
Being with you is always great,
Ewelina and Bill, please put on piece number eight

Thank you for coming from so far away
My parents talk about you night and day
Mike and Randy have been great friends
But its Faye that talks to my mom until nights end
You both are very special to my family
Please place this next piece with me

What more can I say, except oy-vay
Mitchel, you’ve been friends with my mom forever
Wow, what an endeavor!
From the North East Philly, New York, and L.A.
You are always there to celebrate the holidays
Now that I am grown up and you are my friend too
Come place the next piece so I can share this night with you

Old friends are so special and rare,
Each of you has always shown how much you care.
You all have known me the longest, since I can remember,
It’s with love and friendship that we share this special night in September.
The Rosenwassers, Sichels, Dinars, and Rawas, thanks for celebrating with me tonight,
This fifth candle is for all of you to light,

As neighbors and friends you’re all really great,
Together we laugh, we play and celebrate.
The times we share are always so fun,
The memories we make, have only just begun.
When we get together we make a great mix,
So would the Borgmans, the Wittensteins, the Domskys and Waters come light candle number six.

She's our shopper, plumber, doctor, and vet
With friends like them, how lucky can we get.

Dining, vacationing, golfing and more
Our families spend lots of time together, that's for sure

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here
So for our matchmaker and old friends let's give a big cheer

Shears, Shapiros, Weiners and Neil
These Good Friends do anything for a free meal.
Getting together to have fun all the time
Friends you can count on are really mighty fine.

Real old friends and hard to find
Vicki and George, Paige and Jimmy are those kind
The Klein's and Dietz's, from coast to coast
Those old friends we count on the most

Old friends are precious, there special and rare,
And at times when we're not together we know how much you care
So Lisa and Debbie, bring up your men
And light this candle, it's #10

We've been through a lot over the years,
Some filled with laughter and some filled with tears.
But in our hearts you will always stay,
Barb, Steve, Jen and Jess come light this candle on my special day

Jumping on the trampoline or swimming in the pool,
Thinking of all the fun we’ve had almost makes me drool.
Celebrating holidays and playing DDR,
Or mud sliding in the rain, which was a little bit bizarre.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have cousins as close as you,
Living near is such treat, and that I always knew.
With out you guys, who would I be,
So can Aunt Stacy, Uncle Rob, Mollie, Rebecca and Andy come light candle three.

Hanging out together and games of Hide and Seek,
The fun we have together is definitely unique.
We share a last name, how cool is that?
And we get along great, but not so much our cats.
Of all the times I see you guys I wish it could be more,
Can Aunt Stacey, Uncle Glen, Samantha and Zoe come light candle number four

Super bowls and barbeques, we never spend apart,
Laughing, eating, having fun and playing Mario Kart.
Our amazing Halloween costumes, I never will forget,
Or the time we used hailstones to throw in the basketball net.
At the 4th of July Phillies games, I have such a great time,
The fireworks are always cool in the rain or shine.
Our three families make the perfect mix,
So will the Cohens and Millers come light candle number six.

You guys know my mom better than I do,
And you’ve been friends since forever, wow, who knew!
Here’s a task I hope you can handle,
Can the Gordons and Cherrys come light the seventh candle.

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