Poems for Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

Our crazy holiday dinners are exciting, I’ll say,
I’ll never forget our crazy attempts to make a so called play.
It is with out question that you truly do care,
And I know when I need you, you’ll always be there.
Will Aunt Lori, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Stacey, Uncle Brian, Morgan, Danielle, Michael, Samantha, Jack and Jake, who are so special always and tonight,
Come make this candle shine so bright.

Although you're my cousins, I don't feel this way,
Our friendship means more to me, than I could ever say.
Melissa with her acting,
Mike and David who are fun,
Rhoda and Lloyd the woodcrest mavens,
Who always take the leading and run.
Please come up and help me celebrate this day,
And light this candle in your own special way.

The Labor Day Block Party on your street is so neat,
The games, activities, and food, you can't beat.
We always have fun and have lots of kicks,
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Eddie please light candle #6.

Aunt Harriet's not with is to celebrate this way,
But Uncle Marvin and his children will help make my day.
Besides being family and all of that chive,
You're so special to me, so please light candle #5.

Aunt Alex and Uncle Rick's house is pretty during holiday time,
The food, the decorations, the gifts, and the wine.
Brad and Wendy I know, but I don't remember Lee,
So walk on up and light this candle with me.

Aunt Janice can be found marking quizzes and tests,
While Uncle Jeff is busy smoking the turkey breasts.
Shara, Lara, and Lisa are cousins to me,
So all come up and light candle #3.

Win special rides and dinners too,
Without Nanny here I'd really be blue.
She's across the street and always close,
Light number 3, cause you love me the most.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Maria and baby to be,
I'm so glad you will soon be three.
We have a blast regardless of weather,
We have a good time when we are together.
Come light number 4.

At Dana's candle lighting you were busy having fun,
But this time let's make sure it all gets done.
Jeannie, Eileen, Paul, Dick, Marian, Randy, Cindy, and Gordy,
Please come light this candle before I an forty.

Josh, Corey, Craig, Erica, and Kate,
Levy and Weinberg's, I think you are great.
Vacations and skiing are always the best,
Aunt Pearl and Uncle Jack come up with the rest.
Come up and light number 6.

The Sichel cousins are quite a bunch,
They come to Nanny's and stay for lunch.
Steve, Valerie, Baby M, Scott, Dianna, Christopher, Halie
Esther, Sam, Zach, Jonah, Caroline, Stephanie, Jaeda, and Audrey,
Come up and light this candle for me.

Seeing you is lots of fun,
You remember my birthdays each and every one.
Receiving cards is such a treat,
And the cool things we do can not be beat.
From where you live itís quite a far drive,
But will Marion and Hesh come light candle number five.

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