Poems for Brothers

You think your so special and some big sports pro,
Well I guess you’re pretty special, but I’ll always be the favorite you know.
You tell me how much smarter you are than me, but what you can’t tell,
Is how hard our families laughing during ghost when you’re trying to spell.
Well I’ve had my fun here, but that was the end,
I’m actually really glad that lately we’ve become closer and now you’re my really good friend.
Ceej, you’ll never believe this, but I look up to you and I truly love you so,
Come up and light candle number nine, my favorite big bro.

Sometimes I'm rude and I get on his case,
But no-one could ever take my brother's place.
He sticks up for me and cheers me up when I'm down,
That's only one of the reasons, I like having him around.
Jordan, I love you, you're my best friend too,
So light this candle for me and you.

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