Poems for Grandparents

You’ve watched me grow through out the years,
Being supportive and drying my tears.
Whether playing free cell with Poppy or just joking around,
Or playing scrabble with the “hottest” grandma in town.
Thanks for all the two of you contributed tonight,
With much love, the very first candle is yours to light.

I’m so glad all of you could make it here,
I’ll never forget the fun camp fires, Steelers games and dinners through out the year.
Although our times together are few,
I enjoy every moment I spend with all of you.
You guys are amazing to say the least,
Please come light my 2nd candle, Grandmom Pat.

You are the only person I know who comes to every game,
You ask if I’m still beautiful and tell me I’m on my way to fame.
I care about you more than you know,
For a laugh or a story I know exactly where to go.
Poppy Harvey, you’re the best and always will be,
So please dance your way up to light candle number three.

Spending time in New Jersey with Mom-mom M
Is always a time I wish would never end
Being with you and the entire family
Is definitely a special time for me
This piece is yours to place

Being your only grandson is sometimes difficult
When around you, I always seem to cause some sort of tumult
I love spending time with you two either at our house or yours
Playing games, watching tv, and building puzzles of dinosaurs
I’m so glad that both of you are here with me
Come join me and place piece number three

Mesala, Mysala was the game that we played,
I sat on your lap and there I always stayed.
You used to come and take us out to lunch,
But as we got older you took us out to brunch.
Pop-Pop Fred you know that I love you,
So come up here with Tybie and make this candle glow.

I love when you take me shopping all over the town,
We buy clothes and make-up, or just walk around.
I'm the daughter you always wanted, I'm as girlie as can be,
That is what you always say, to my mom and me.
So with all my love, please start the fun,
Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, light candle #1.

Two special men who light up my life,
Pop Joe and Grandpop Eddie are with us tonight.
With thoughts and memories of them so dear,
Candle #1, I light, so they are near.

Two people with whom I share much joy,
Thank god Grandma found a boy!
From Florida to New York and the Jersey Shore,
Grandma and Sam couldn't love me more.
Grandma and Sam please light the second candle.

This lady has hair, reed as fire,
She is someone I really admire.

She loves to dance, clog and tap,
And for Oyster crackers lets give a big clap.

Down in Florida or at the shore,
Visiting you is never a bore.
Shopping on the boardwalk and having a blast,
Or tanning and swimming, our time goes fast.
Whatever we do, I always have fun,
So will Mommom Marlene and Poppy Mel come light candle number one.

Staying at your house when there was a storm,
At the piano, we loved to perform.
Eating chocolates or playing with trains,
My love for you always remains.
But the thing I love most is the love from you,
So will Mommom Sondra and Poppy Richard come light candle number two.

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