Poems for Parents

You are the two most special people in my life,
A handsome man and loving wife.
You’ve out done yourself again, today was truly a dream come true,
I can’t stress enough how much I love you!
The host and hostess now it’s your turn,
From the two of you, so much I have learned.
I look up to you guys, you are my heroes,
You both are amazing people, this everyone here knows.
So light this candle in honor of the love that we share,
And truly I thank you, for everything, the party, the support, the love, the laughs and always, always, always the care.

Dad, you’re a fun guy to be around
You cheer me up when I’m feeling down
We like to do almost anything together
Even though were apart, we make time in all sorts of weather
Hanging out, games, and TV
Are some of the many things you do with me
Dad, please come up and place the next piece

The two of you have been an inspiration
Even though Jenna and I can be an aggravation
Mom, you have your ways
Of making me smile on gloomy rainy days
Randy, I love you more than words can explain
When you married my mom, it was definitely a gain
Thank you both for everything, please come join me and place this next piece

Randy, you’re such a great step-dad to me
You’re always there when I need you
From helping with schoolwork to building things
Whenever I’m with you, we have so much fun
There’s no step-dad like you, I promise, not one
Randy—put on puzzle piece 14

There are two special people in my life,
A handsome man and loving wife.
They got stuck with me exactly 13 years ago,
Who would of thought the years would flow?
They have gone by so fast I can't believe,
But mom and dad, you've helped me acheive,
So light this candle and my love again, you will receive.

These are the people who planned and paid for all this,
Thank you so much for everything; here's a big kiss.

The host and hostess now its your turn,
For Mom and Dad, so much I have learned.
So jump and shout and all give a cheer,
Now with Amy and Buzzy all of the gang is here.

Of course Iíve known you guys since I was born,
And for 13 great years, that love hasnít worn.
You are the two most special people in my life,
An awesome guy and his wonderful wife.
Both of you are great inspirations,
Even when me and Alissa can be a bit of an aggravation.
If it wasnít for you we wouldnít be here today,
So letís light this candle so we can partay.
Once again my love for you, I canít begin to tell,
But will Mom and Dad come light candle number twelve.

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