Poems for Sister

Jenna I’ve always loved you throughout the years
We have so many memories filled with laughter and tears
Even though we fight, we remain so close
I know that at times you find me annoyingly verbose
You’ve helped me in every class
But you’re knowledge I still can’t surpass
Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me
Please come up and help me place the next piece

Cara, my baby, you’re looking mighty fine,
Let me just say your one of a kind.
You are my favorite sister and literally my BEST friend, this everyone knows,
But, I hate it when I catch you wearing my clothes.
Unlike most sister relationships, I enjoy having you around,
You always give the warmest hugs and have the comfiest shoulder when I am down.
Car, whether your trying to be Chinese or not, I love you in everyway,
Come light this candle, like you light up my life each and every day. 

Then there is Dana, what a sister,
It's been some time since I've kissed her.
She's the best and my number one,
Light the candle and have some fun.

This little girl is nice, funny and cute,
She's special to me and a great sister, to boot.

Alissa, Alissa whatís there to say?
You are a really nice sister to me almost every day.
Youíre definitely my favorite sister although my only one,
Iím so lucky to have a sister like you and we are always having fun.
I love you a lot as you can see,
So come light candle eleven for me.

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