Poems for Young Friends

Friends from everywhere are so important to me
From joking about teachers to watching movies
I always have the best time with all of you
Cheering me up when I’m feeling blue
Sports, School, and Dances with you all are always fun
Please place this next piece, for the night has only just begun.

Each and every day of my life revolves around you four,
You guys have given me laughs, love, support and so much more.
You are my 24 x 7 best friends and that’s the way it will always be,
You guys have proven that you don’t need to be blood to be family.
You know who you are, RoHo, BenEd, Mai Blank, and Jer,
Candle number sevens yours because “Mmm.. It’s always better when were together!”

From hanging around at dance, school, the plaza or the mall,
To talking online, text messaging and long night phone calls.
I’ve gone through everything with you guys from my first crush to my first kiss,
During the summer our good times I truly miss.
You all give the best advice and are always there,
Whether its boy problems or just something simple as a bump in my hair.
All my friends who have made this night so special and all look so fine,
Party your way up to light candle number nine!

When we're with guys, you don't understand,
We have so much fun, the funs never canned.
Somtimes they are annoying and get on our nerves,
But of course we forgive them, unless gossip occurs.
You guys know your good friends to me, aren't we?
So, David, Mike L, Aron, Mike S, Adam, Ryan, Andrew M,
Andrew P, Matt, Blake and Gabe,
Light this candle for you and me.

Me and the gang like to go to the movies and hang out out the mall,
We like to go ice skating, they watch me fall.
We love to party and stay with the guys,
We have so much fun, the fun never dies.
We wanna have fun in all that we do,
So Jayde, Fannon, Kristin J, Danielle R, Eden, Jessica,
Lisa H, Danielle D, Lisa B, Rachel L, Jenn, and Gwen,
This candle is for you.

Camp Nockamixon just could not be funner,
We all will go back for another great summer.
With rats and bats, and bad laundry too,
This party would not be complete without all of you.
Meredith, Britney, Bryce, Jessica, Sue, Casey, Eric, and Jen,
Come up and light candle #10.

Casey and Jen to name the best two,
Look at all my friends there are more than a few.
Sara, Eve, Sara, Jill, and Devin,
I have a lot more friends than just seven.
Aaron and Mike, I hope you have fun,
All my friends come up and get this candle done.

Playing at gymnastics or climbing the iceberg at the lake,
Or playing around with shaving cream when we shouldnítí have been awake.
Leaving on the last day of camp always makes me teary,
And having so much fun together always makes me weary.
So many great memories that I never will forget,
You guys got on a pretty big roller coaster, but that I donít regret.
Living with you guys couldnít be better,
And weíve made it through almost all kinds of weather.
I canít begin to explain why this camp is so great,
So will all my friends from Timber Tops come light candle number eight.

Hanging in the bunk or going to activities,
Every single day of camp is like a great festivity.
Iím glad I get to spend half my summer with you guys,
I canít wait for next summer, but of course thatís no surprise.
Crazy, funny, amazing and awesome is how I would define,
All my friends from Willow Grove Day Camp who are lighting candle number 9.

Who would I be with out all of my friends,
All the great things weíve done never really end.
Some of you are new to me and some Iíve known forever,
But anything we do is fun as long as were together.
One things for sure that our friendships wonít end,
So will all my friends come light candle number ten.

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